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Create the perfect dorm room

The Ultimate College Guy’s Man Cave

The Ultimate College Guy’s Man Cave

Dorm Room Man Cave

The traditional set up of a dorm room can tend to be a bit on the boring side at times, even for a guys dorm. Girls are not the only ones who can design cool living quarters that will fit a particular style. Guys have the ability to decorate their pad as well. There are more than a few ways to make a boring guy’s dorm room look cool, bringing it life and potential to be an awesome place to hangout. a couple ways to do this is to design with solid colors as well as art and photography posters.

One way to design a cool bachelor type dorm room is to use solid colors where possible. Also, a comfortable bed will be an added plus as the bed is the main feature of the dorm. The comfort factor is an important part of decorating a guy’s dorm room, especially with the bed as thatt is the place that has the most use. In a dorm room, a bed is the place where the typical college guy sleeps, does homework, eats and relaxes. /bedding decor can be found in a variety of different solid colors both dark and light choices.

To top off any color scheme in a guy’s dorm room the perfect thing to give the room more vibrancy and life is any art and photography posters and or pictures. The whole idea behind this is not to go out and get every type of classical piece of wall art. The idea is to pick some piece of art that is liked and or goes with the whole theme of the dorm room. The only thing that matters in regards to choosing wall art and photography is that it is something that represents the student and brightens the room.

In conclusion, decorating a dorm room is something that is a must because a typical dorm room is more than likely a boring room. For a typical guy’s dorm room it is suggested that the best choice be a darker solid color on the bed as well as some bright and colorful wall art that represents the student’s interests and likes as well as livens up the boriness of the dorm. By making great choices in choosing the right dorm room decor it is possible to turn the normal boring dorm into one that everyone will want to see anytime.