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The College Town

The College Town

College Town           When looking at colleges, not many students think about what they want outside of the college campus. Although the actual campus of a school is very important to your decision, the town around you will be your home for the next four years… think about want you want. It may help you make your decision for you.

College towns are great. Many restaurants will take meal points and stores understand the tight budget of most college students. Food places tend to stay open later so when you get the midnight munchies on the weekends, you aren’t searching around for somewhere to eat. Become familiar with the different food options near you. Eating in the same dining commons can become redundant and boring, and sometimes it is just nice to be able to get off campus for a little while with a bunch of your friends.

Also become familiar with what is around you. Big stores like Kmart and Target will have anything that you need living in a dorm or apartment, but if there isn’t one near you, you may have to trek to a different area to find each thing that you need. Not many college students have cars their first year or two, so if you don’t have anything very close to you, you will have to find a ride or use public transportation. The beauty about living in a college town is that many transportation systems make commuting places very easy. Many colleges make bussing free with student IDs, which allows for you to scope out the town or towns around you!

In addition to finding out what is around you, think about the kind of community you want to be in. If you want to be in a city, avoid the small-town residential campuses or campuses in the country. If you do not like the hustle and bustle of a city, definitely take that into account when looking at schools—it will completely change your college experience! Of course you should not let the town around you make your decision for you. Let it be simply another factor in your decision and in the end, you will make the right choice.