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Create the perfect dorm room

Personalizing a Dorm Room

Personalizing a Dorm Room

Dorm Room Color SchemeYour dorm room will be your new home while you are away at school. Personalizing the space will make it feel more comfortable and homey. If you have your own room, you can decorate the space to match your personality and style. Most dorm rooms, however, come with a room mate and you may need to sit down with your room mate(s) and compromise on a decorating or color scheme. If you can’t agree, you can always divide the room or wall space and each person can decorate their designated area the way they prefer.

Bedding is one of the many things you’ll be required to provide for your new dorm room. The basic bedding items you will need are pillows, a mattress cover, at least 2 sets of sheets, a blanket and a bedspread or comforter. Additionally, an egg-crate or memory foam mattress topper can help make the bed more comfortable. When choosing bedding select items that are easy to care for and inexpensive.
Your bedding may be the focal point of the room so use it as a way to make the room a reflection of who you are. Bright colors or trendy patterns, like camouflage or animal prints, are a good way to show off your personality while turning a dull dorm room into a fun and comfortable place to hang out.

Other ways to transform your dorm room are by adding splashes of color with accent pieces such as picture frames, throw rugs, pillows and window treatments. A vibrant throw rug next to the bed or a funky lamp on your desk, for instance, are ways of making the room your own. Additionally, wall stickers or vinyl lettering can be applied to walls allowing you to customize your space and then they are easily removed when it’s time to move out.

A few mementos from home can help to make your dorm room feel more familiar and more like home. Items like pictures, knick-knacks or stuffed animals are keepsakes you can display in your dorm and they will serve as reminders of home.

Always be sure to check the dorms guidelines regarding painting or hanging items on the walls before beginning any decorating projects.