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Create the perfect dorm room

Getting the Dorm Room Ready To Live In

Getting the Dorm Room Ready To Live In

Moving Into Your New DormWhen it comes to decorating the old dorm room the primary thing to remember is that it must be cheap. I mean that there is only a limited fund available and all the decorating must come from that fund as must living expenses and incidentals like food and drink. The basics are usually included with the room itself: beds, book cases, closets, and a chair. What is not included would be any art works or individual taste items such as posters and bed spreads. Sheets and such like are most often available from the university laundry, but any specialty bedding must be provided by the resident. All that being said, the time to consider what is wanted to personalize the space should be considered ahead of time and acquired at leisure rather than in an all fired hurry at the last minute.

Consider the wall space to be quite small. Any art work should be sized according to available area. Michelangelo’s David would be great, but where would you put it? More likely a band poster or a trendy art work would be a better fit. The bedding can also be a statement of individual taste. Bright and colourful quilts or comforters and matching pillow shams can really brighten up a dorm room, as can throws over the bed sheets. Throw rugs make a nice and comforting touch to a home away from home as well.

A desk lamp to study by rather than the usual fluorescent lighting can be easier on the eyes while adding a warmth to the desk area not found in many dorm rooms. The purpose of college is to learn and learning how to make the process happier is one thing that all students need to pick up on. Reading and using the net to get facts can be a long and tiring project so the chair should be more than just a straight backed torture implement. Getting yourself a personal chair that fits you and looks homey is a must for a modern dorm room decor.

To recap, first things first: Make art purchases while you have time to consider what you really like and not what your buds think you should like. This stuff will be with you for a while, and the truth is that once it is up it probably won’t come down until it is forced down by the end of your residency in the dorm. Get yourself a comfortable light to read by and a chair to sit in and have them ready to move in with you from the beginning. Have your colorful and happy bedding ready to put in place the very first night so the dorm room can be more like what you want your room to be like. And last but never least; get one of those small refrigerators: those sodas won’t cool themselves. College can be fun if you plan for the comforts of home in the dorm.