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Sharing A Dorm Space

Sharing A Dorm Space

Picking a Roommate

Most colleges offer students the opportunity to choose who will be rooming with them. A student may have a life long friend, high school buddy, sibling or other family member who they would prefer to be roommates with. Of course, these roommates will have to be accepted to and be attending the same college in order to live together on a campus dorm. Preferences for roommates are usually completed during the housing application process once a student is accepted into that college.

Sharing A Small Space

When sharing the living space of a dorm, students must realize the limited space they will have to work with. Typically, a student will have to share a dorm with one other roommate. However, some colleges may have three to even four students rooming in one dorm. In this case, students may have to sleep in bunk beds and use a multitude of storage options to maintain their stuff. College students often use under bed storage units that can easily slide in and out for clothing, shoes and other items. They may use file cabinets to store any additional items such as school assignments, books and office equipment. Each dorm should have a working space, such as desks to accommodate a proper area to complete homework assignments and other projects. Roommates should come together in planning out how their space will be utilized. For example, students should determine who is in charge of cleaning what, how long each can have company over, who can borrow what and when to return it and the best times for quiet time and bedtime.

Getting To Know A Roommate

It is very important for students sharing a dorm to get along with their roommates and make the best out of college life. Sharing such a small space can be daunting on some and may cause issues between roommates. In order to keep dorm life a little simple, roommates should spend time together each week. Having game days, inviting friends over, going out to the movies, school social events or campus parties together could build a stronger bond between roommates. Being able to positively communicate with one another can be helpful by sharing any concern before it escalates beyond repair. Being able to have a positive relationship with a dorm roommate can lead to life long friendships and can make the college life experience much more rewarding.