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How To Keep Your Dorm Room Clean

How To Keep Your Dorm Room Clean

When it comes to the college life and staying on campus it isn’t uncommon for students to have to share a
room together. Now, it’s not bad if you have two students that are neat and tidy with their room, but when
you throw in one or two students that are messy things can get dirty pretty quickly.

In order to keep a dorm room clean, it’s important for college students to follow these basic rules:

Have responsibilities

When a college student is living with someone else it’s important for them to both have responsibilities.
For example, maybe one person cleans the room this week, while the other does it next week. They can
even take turns doing things such as dishes or anything really. All that matters is that they know what their
responsibilities are and that they’re responsible for their own messes and cleaning up after themselves.
When rules are set straight they’re easier to follow.

Keep up with laundry

In order for a dorm room to look and stay clean the students need to keep up with their laundry. Whether
they do laundry every Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or they do it daily, it’s important that laundry gets
washed, folded and put away regularly.

Put things away when done

With textbooks to computers and even clothes, things can get messy pretty quickly. The roommates must
agree that when they’re done using something they put it away. When people put away their belongings in
the right spot they’re easier to find and everything looks a whole lot cleaner.

Clean weekly

Though students should take care of their belongings on a regular basis it’s a good idea that they take time
aside each week to really clean their dorm room. From washing their bed sheets to vacuuming up their
room they can make sure their room stays even cleaner.

Get rid of clutter

College students are notorious for holding onto things they don’t really need. For example, if a student has
old papers from a class that was a few semesters ago to keeping random trinkets in their dorm it’s best they
just throw them out so that a dorm doesn’t start to get cluttered.

When it comes to keeping a dorm room clean it’s pretty simple. From cleaning weekly, putting away things
when we’re done using them and just having set guidelines we can make our lives much easier and much
more organized on a daily basis.

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